What’s in a (Surface) name?

With less-than-optimal sales for their Surface RT and Surface PRO tablet systems, Microsoft is now admitting that they botched the naming of these devices.


According to an article on TabTimes, Microsoft executive Jack Cowett, responsible for the marketing of the surface tablets, said some customers didn’t know the difference between the two devices.

From the article:

“We think that there was some confusion in the market last year on the difference between Surface RT and Surface Pro,” said Cowett. “We want to help make it easier for people, and these are two different products designed for two different people.”

Microsoft has since dropped the ‘RT’ for its latest Windows RT tablet, with the tablets now simply called Surface and Surface Pro. Microsoft has reportedly almost sold out on pre-order models, although it has been suggested that the Redmond firm has lightly stocked the channel – The Register last week reported that just 2,000 tablets were available in the UK.

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro has been Released, but did Anyone Get One?

The new 128GB Surface Pro from Microsoft was released a few days ago, but it is already listed as sold out on their online store. This has raised questions about how many they had to begin with.

microsoft surface pro, retail localization

From an article on BusinessInsider:

“There are several threads on Reddit where users complain retail locations like Best Buy and Staples only had a few Surface Pros in stock or none at all. Same goes for comments on the official Surface blog. It appears many retail locations only had a handful of devices to sell on launch day and quickly sold out.”

“The head of Microsoft’s Surface team, Panos Panay, responded to the complaints in a tweet, ‘We’re excited for the response to Pro. Some are having trouble getting it. Sorry you’re having to wait. We’re working hard to get u Pro ASAP.'”

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Bloomingdale’s and Microsoft team up on in-store Engagement

Fashion and technology combine to surprise customers and engage them in new ways at Bloomingdale’s flagship in New York City and other locations across the country. The department store retailer had deployed a 3D virtual dressing room, called Swivel, which is supported by Microsoft Corp.’s Kinect for Windows motion sensing technology. With Swivel, customers can “try on” clothes without having to go through the actual physical process.

Bloomingdale's and Microsoft, Visual Merchandising, in-store engagement

To use Swivel, from FaceCake Marketing Technologies, the customer steps in front of the screen, chooses her preferred look with a wave of her hand, and then sees the look displayed on her image in real time on the HD flat screen. The customer can instantly share the image via email and social media channels that are built into the technology.

In addition, the technology has a data base component that provides real-time and/or daily reports on what looks (or products) are generating the most interest.

The virtual dressing rooms, which have been installed in 20 Bloomingdale’s locations nationwide, will remain in place through September 6 -16. They are timed to coincide with the retailer’s semi-annual HOT event, which celebrates the best trends of the season. Approximately 150 pieces of clothing and accessory products from the HOT event are available for try-on using Swivel.

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Microsoft to Open 75 Stores in Next Two to Three Years

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In an address Wednesday at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, COO Kevin Turner said that Microsoft hopes to open 75 freestanding Microsoft stores within the next two to three years.

“We’re going to open up to 75 more stores over the next two to three years, and continue to bring our stores outside the U.S. as well, so we’ve got a huge opportunity to get the Microsoft story out there, and we’re going to keep driving that,” Turner said.

To date, Microsoft have opened 11 stores, in scattered locations across the country. The company made its retail debut in fall 2009.

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is a huge event, with some 15,000 from around the globe in attendance. The event is being held in Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

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