Simplifying the omni-channel experience

Simplifying the Omni-channel Connection

Part three of our five part series exploring trends that are shaping brick-and-mortar retail experience. You can read all of the trends in The Store Is Back eBook, courtesy of RBM Technologies.

Since shoppers are always connected, retailers have recognized the need for digital presence in addition to brick-and-mortar. However in 2016, it is no longer about merely offering these additional touch-points.

Shoppers now research products before walking into a store, and they look to other customers to give them a true picture of the experience.

Customers expect to get product information, consider their options, and make their purchases with ease. They bounce between channels throughout their shopping journey, so they want an experience that is complete, seamless, convenient, engaging and consistent. It’s a tall order, but one that should be filled this year. Otherwise, customers will find another retailer that will deliver exactly what they need.

“Shoppers demand a brilliant experience more than ever from brands. They expect the brand to be connected from the physical retail store through to its online presence.”

Emma McRobert, Director Shopper Experience, Consumer Australia at Optus

Removing touch-point obstacles allows the shopper faster and broader access to the brand. This approach streamlines the path to purchase while allowing shoppers to engage with brands on their own terms. By providing access to deeper levels of store information online, shoppers can plan out and optimize their store visit, and they can streamline their checkout options based on personal payment preferences. Ultimately, a seamless, simplified and efficient retail process makes customers happy and keeps them coming back.

To read all five retail trends, download The Store Is Back today

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