Immersing Customers In Your Brand

Immersing Your Customers in Brand Meaning

Part two of our five part series exploring trends that are shaping brick-and-mortar retail experience. You can read all of the trends in The Store Is Back eBook, courtesy of RBM Technologies.

Digital technology has made retail experience more transparent than ever. Customers have unlimited access to information, so their brand perception forms long before they step foot into a store.

How customers see a brand extends beyond products on shelves, and marketing messages on signage. Shoppers have begun to see brands as nuanced and multidimensional, viewing emotional factors such as thoughtfulness and empathy as benchmarks of value on par with product availability and pricing. They already have a myriad of retail purchasing options, what customers want is a brand who connects with them on a human, more meaningful level.

“Your brand has never been more important. People want to hang out with brands that mean something to them.”

Andrew Smith, Director Retail Operations at Telstra

Now is the time for retailers to evaluate their connection with their customers. In 2016, shoppers will continue to place the value of a brand on how it makes them feel. This evolved brand perception means retailers must focus on delivering tailored, memorable and relevant experiences in order to strengthen their customer connection within the year.

Retail Experience, It's Not Just Business, It's Personal

Before a retailer can build a meaningful relationship with the customer, they must first understand them. It is therefore critical that retailers focus on knowing shoppers’ behaviors and patterns, as well as their local needs. To reaffirm the brand perception and create meaningful customer connections, retailers need to put customers’ preferences and behaviors alongside other store specific data. Collecting shopper-specific data can be used to create unique profiles which will then help build a more authentic and lasting relationship with the customer.

To read all five retail trends, download The Store Is Back today

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