Empowering Store Employees - The Store Is Back

Using Digital Technologies To Empower Store Workers

Part one of our five part series exploring trends that are shaping brick-and-mortar retail experience. You can read all of the trends in The Store Is Back eBook, courtesy of RBM Technologies.

Store employees are the most valuable assets to a brand. They are on the front lines of retail experience, interacting directly with the customer. They have the opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level, something customers can’t get online.

“Store associates work so much better when they know the why. Bringing them to the table, and communicating with them can go a long way.”

Jeff Fisher, Global Store Experience Director at Sunglass Hut

The store associate’s knowledge, availability and capacity to help the customer all contribute to an exceptional experience and lasting brand impression. However, store associates can only achieve this if they are empowered to fulfill the customer’s expectations. Store employees can never truly be brand advocates if their efforts are wasted on merchandising discrepancies, and aren’t trusted with the authority or the appropriate tools to support a customer’s needs.

Some leading retailers have already begun to equip store associates with the necessary information and digital technology to keep up with today’s savvy shoppers. iPads and other mobile devices are popping up in stores, giving associates access to important details and additional product supply.

store employee using technology
Store employees can spend more time with customers when given the technology needed to execute campaigns faster and more efficient than before.

When associates have the support to engage shoppers in stores, they will deliver a seamless, personalized experience. They will help the customer through their path to purchase, influence the customer’s brand perception, and ultimately, build customer loyalty.

To read all five retail trends, download The Store Is Back today

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