retail shoppers want new retail experiences

Shoppers Are Ready for New Experiences. Are You?

With more shopping options and a constant flow of information, the power of retail is now in customers’ hands. Shopping is no longer about buying things. People can acquire merchandise anywhere, anytime. Instead, shoppers are looking for unique experiences they can share with their friends.

The recent blog post, Democratization of Retail: This Shift Just Got Real, examines how retailers are exploring new, exciting ways to engage customers. From virtual rock climbing adventures to can’t-miss Snapchat fashion shows, these disruptive experiences are attracting customers through retailers’ brick-and-mortar doors. And it is just the beginning.

If retailers don’t want to lose sales to their competitors, they must embrace the new expectations of shoppers. But how can retailers think about reinventing the shopping experience, if they can’t track or measure their current execution? When a retailer is dealing with execution errors, brand inconsistencies, and non-compliance issues in stores, it’s impossible to focus on creating fresh experiences for its customers.

In 2016, retailers’ top focus should be optimizing store execution and performance.

With one application, Merchandising Cloud, retailers can reduce errors, open communication between store teams and corporate, and deliver a localized experience throughout all stores.

Merchandising Cloud maintains an accurate digital model of every store, including unique attributes like locality, layout, and fixtures. It enables execution of merchandising plans for all locations and ensures that each store receives accurate production quantities. Employees know where each campaign element goes and that it will correctly fit.

merchandising cloud optimizes merchandising execution
Gone are the days of large binders and hand drawn fixture designs.

It also provides a single digital platform that everyone uses to connect. Two-way, real-time communication ensures that headquarters can provide accurate instructions to stores, and store teams can easily report back on compliance or difficulties.

Execution, compliance, and overall store sales performance can be executed and measured with new levels of precision. The data collected can then be used to help retailers in creating future campaigns.

In 2016, retailers’ top focus should be optimizing store execution and performance. By adopting new technology, like Merchandising Cloud, retailers can easily fix execution problems and measure the results. Once retailers ensure that every store is on brand, on message, localized, and measurable they can unfold opportunities for future growth and take on a competitive advantage. They can focus on creating a superior and memorable retail experience that inspires customers, connects them to the brand, drives them to purchase, and gives them something to talk about with other potential customers.

Learn more about Merchandising Cloud and its capabilities at

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