merchandising execution optimization with Merchandising Cloud

Optimizing Merchandising Execution

You’ve experienced the challenges affecting your retail execution and customer experience: a cumbersome and wasteful manual process, silos that break down communication, data that becomes scattered and inaccessible, and a general approach to retail execution that fails to work in individual stores.

We’ve reviewed the problems most retailers face in the 4 Mistakes Retailers Make in Retail Execution.

So now, what can you do? How can you optimize your merchandising execution to give your customers the best experience and improve store performance?

Use a cloud-based digital application that delivers localized visual merchandising, in-store execution, collaboration, and compliance, all unified in the cloud.

With the right digital application:

  • Everyone communicates through a single platform, so stores know what they need and have clear instructions for campaign execution. Stores can also report back to headquarters immediately about compliance or issues they face.
  • Retailers see an accurate digital model of every store, including attributes like location, floorplan, and fixtures. This allows precise execution for every location and eliminates waste in the production and shipment to stores.
  • Each store receives the right production quantities based on the unique traits of that location. Store employees know where each campaign element goes and that it will fit, so they spend less time with store resets and more time engaging with customers.
  • Campaign execution, compliance, and store performance can be measured in real-time right down to the display, fixture, or even peg. This data can help guide future decisions.

Merchandising Cloud is a digital application from RBM Technologies provides a new, better way to plan, communicate, execute, and measure retail execution. Through Merchandising Cloud, you can track store performance and deliver a high-quality retail experience to customers, while lowering merchandising costs. With Merchandising Cloud, you have the ability to accurately measure retail experience, which offers insights that will unlock future growth and put you ahead of the competition.

To learn more, download the latest white paper from RBM Technologies: Transforming Retail Experience with Merchandising Cloud.

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