5 Reasons Why Brick-and-Mortar Retail Will Rule Holiday Shopping This Year

It’s November 11 and many retailers are already in full holiday swing. From the television commercials to a certain popular coffee chain rolling out solid red cups, retailers are looking right past Thanksgiving and on to the holiday season.

One reason retailers are able to transition so quickly from Halloween to the holidays seemingly over night is that technological advancements in campaign planning, merchandising and execution has allowed retailers to complete campaigns in days as opposed to weeks or months.

What’s more, new research from the International Council of Shopping Centers notes that 95% of all holiday shopping will take place in brick-and-mortar stores with top reasons being that they want to try on merchandise before they buy and not pay for shipping costs that can drive ecommerce purchases higher.

With stores able to reset each location with their holiday-focused campaigns faster and the fact that the vast majority of holiday shopping will take place in those stores, brick-and-mortar is poised to have a strong Q4.

Check out our infographic below for the top 5 reasons why brick-and-mortar will rule holiday shopping this year.

Holiday Shopping Trends 2015

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