Target Invests A Billion Dollars To Improve Customer Experience

A billion dollars, that’s billion with a “B”.

That’s how much Target is investing in technology to improve their omni-channel experience and personalize the in-store shopping experience. While that is a large investment, Target is well positioned to take on the challenge, and risks, associated with it.

Target Checkout Lane Customer Experience

At the heart of this initiative is a drive to improve the customer experience. Taking a page from high end department stores, Target plans to offer concierge services for their health and beauty products and Digital Service Ambassadors to assist with using their slate of digital and mobile technologies.

The goal, provide shoppers with a deeper level of interaction with the store through personalized interactions at every step of the omni-channel purchase cycle.

What gives hope that Target will succeed is that they are not investing in technology for the sake of investing in technology. Rather, they view it as a means to better connect with each shopper to meet their unique needs and buying habits, no matter where they shop.

According to a recent article on Innovative Retail Technologies, Target CEO Brian Cornell says Target executives “absolutely believe that physical stores will be a huge driver of our future success.”

Only time will tell if Target’s investment will pay off in greater conversions, but keeping their eye to the customer experience ensures they are heading in the right direction.

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