Retail Winners Put Employees at the Center of Customer Experience

As retailers continue to evolve and cater to the ever-finicky tastes and attention spans of today’s shopper, many are looking beyond the technology employed to improve the customer experience and instead focus their attention on those who are using it – the store employee.

Retailers that empower and educate their employees are poised to offer a significantly different experience for the shopper than they can find anywhere else, both online and in-store.

This directive is seen as the key differentiator in a recent RSR benchmark report entitled Empowering the Store Employee. The report finds that 76% of respondents believe that trained and loyal in-store employees are key to their long-term strategy, ranking higher than any other factor.

Empowering the store employee: figure 1

But when it comes to arming those employees with the technology they need to foster an effective customer experience, from executing merchandising campaigns on time and on plan to locating items in inventory for the customer, the existing infrastructure is preventing them from moving forward.

RSR’s report finds that this is the top technological inhibitor to allow retailers to execute their customer experience vision.

Empowering Employees Figure 2

The report goes on to note that one way to overcome the technology gap while continuing to empower the store employee is to bite off smaller projects and execute them well, using the positive ROI and systems put in place to build to larger projects.

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