Retail Proximity Solutions

Proximity Solutions and the Future of Customer Experience

iBeacons, geo-fencing, micro-location.

You may have heard of some or even all of these technologies, but it’s an even greater chance you have come into contact with one of them and not even know it.

Proximity solutions enable retailers to identify customers within a small radius and tailor content and promotions to that customer, all in an effort to create a more personalized customer experience.

Proximity Solutions, iBeacons

According to a recent article in RIS News, upwards of 15% of retailers employ proximity solutions as part of their customer experience practice. While that number is sure to grow over the next few years, it is in our best interest to look ahead to a time where proximity solutions are ubiquitous and a common practice among all retailers – what do we do then?

Like many technologies that aggregate mass amounts of data, the trick is to then be able to mine that data to inform your next steps. This rings true for the future of proximity solutions.

According to RIS News:

“While the present applications of these solutions are geared toward immediate sales, the future is in data analytics. The qualitative data to be collected from millions of customer/store interactions and experiences on the ground could motivate major innovations in retailer design, promotions, marketing, and inventory.”

Retailers want to deliver a personalized customer experience to each consumer every time. But the focus of that effort is the immediate sale. Savvy retailers will begin to think beyond the immediate sale and look to utilizing data gathered from proximity solutions to map the customer experience throughout their entire relationship with the brand.

For more information on proximity solutions and background on beacon technology, check out this article on TechCrunch.

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