Back-To-School Research 2015

5 Top Media Influencers on Back-To-School Shopping

Back-To-School is an interesting retail season as it is less defined than most others. The holiday shopping season, for example, has a well defined start date on Black Friday and ends around New Years Day.

Back-To-School seasons start at different times of the year depending on the city and state in which families live or even which school their children attend. What’s more, vacation and summer schedules play a major role in when parents can get to the store to shop.

While the start and end times of Back-To-School shopping may differ, one thing is for certain, kids will always have to go to school and parents will always have to buy a laundry list of items before they do.

So how do retailers navigate this unique selling season and convert as many customers as possible?

The National Retail Federation’s Retail Insight Center released data that provides some visibility into retailers’ marketing tactics for Back-To-School sales.

In a survey of respondents ages 18+, NRF found that a well-executed mix of both analog and digital marketing initiatives, at-home and on-the-go, was the key to retailers capitalizing on Back-To-School shopping and attracting them to their particular store.

5 Top Media Influencers on Back-To-School Shopping

  • Coupons
  • Internet advertising
  • Advertising inserts
  • Facebook
  • Video on mobile devices
Media That Influences Shopping Particular Stores For BTS

Among households with a school age child
Charts from the NRF Foundation’s Retail Insight Center. To access this data and more research please visit the Retail Insight Center.

What is clear is execution across every channel is critical to success. Perhaps more than other selling seasons, parents are looking for deals. This explains the high importance of coupons for respondents.

Back-To-School is the precursor to the two largest shopping seasons of the year, Halloween and the Holidays. As retailers prepare marketing and advertising campaigns for these two seasons, it is important to consider the consistency of your message across all channels.

Take the time to focus on what is unique about each channel and craft the conversation, offer or message in a way that fits each.

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