Storefront, Harrod's London, Visual Merchandising

Window Displays from Around the World

Window shopping is a favorite past-time of both casual and professional shoppers alike. Nothing beats walking down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and staring at the myriad of merchandised windows.

That is all fine and good if you happen to live in Manhattan, or have a vacation planned soon, but what if you wanted to check out stores in various cities across the globe, all from the comfort of your laptop?

Storefront, Christian Dior, New York
Christian Dior, New York

Enter Shop Windows of the World, a site that allows you to do just that. Using what we believe is Google Street View, this site allows the user to check out a wide range of retail stores in a randomized fashion using their singular “Take Me Somewhere New” button.

The site works well and has some interesting stores showcased and although there were more repeat stores appearing than we had liked, all in all it was great to see how some well-known brands are represented globally.

You can start your window shopping experience at

Storefront, Tim Horton's Dubai, Visual Merchandising
Tim Horton’s, Dubai
Storefront, I Love NYC Gifts, New York
I Love NYC Gifts, New York
Storefront, Hermes Paris, Visual Merchandising
Hermes, Paris
Storefront, Schuh, London, Visual Merchandising
Schuh, London

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