5 Tips on How to Create a Successful Pop-In Shop

Emerging specialty brands, such as West Paw Design, are marketed across thousands of boutiques, with a couple pieces here and there. They also often have a fledging direct-to-consumer e-commerce business. Yet nowhere are customers able to experience the brand holistically and completely in a single location. Without that experience, the brand may not thrive.

Enter the e-pop-in. The brand gets full creative control of a presentation of product samples in a location frequented by solid traffic, along with an incentive for the customer to buy online. The best part — it’s efficient and within budget for emerging brands.

Here are some tips for emerging specialty brands wishing to pop-in:

1. Think of service providers as the location to create the e-pop-in. They already have a relationship with the customer, yet aren’t selling competing merchandise. For example, if you’re a fashion orthodics brand, get your e-pop-in into podiatry offices. This is particularly suitable for Aetrex, which has developed a line of fashion orthodics footwear and can benefit by following the trail blazed by Vionic.  

2. Think about strategic synergy. In other words, make sure the service provider’s brand message is in sync with your own. For example, a line of activewear that can also be worn to the office is strategically aligned with a personal training regimen like Inform Fitness that’s brief and efficient (covers all muscles intensely) and doesn’t even require a shower. 

3. Try to align your brand with a growing industry (e.g., wellness). This would include massage spas, personal trainers, fitness in general, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, nutrition, physical therapy and psychotherapy. The prevention rather than the treatment of disease is becoming increasingly mainstream. 

4. Ensure that the service provider’s customer profile matches yours. If your demographic, for example, is an over 50s wealthy client, be sure to partner with a service provider that has the same demographics. 

5. Engage a partner whose key service is to create, produce, install and operate the displays, including refreshing them seasonally. 

Published by Retail Online Integration on February 18, 2015 By Janet Valenza

Janet Valenza is president of Pop-Up Artists, a marketing agency for turnkey, short-term selling space. Janet can be reached at [email protected].

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