Dialing it In: Telcos Look to Big Data and New Services

A new series sponsored by SAP on Voiceamerica.com presents a weekly coffee break talk with some of the business world’s hottest industry trends. Last week, experts EY Snowden, RBM Technologies; Johan Bergh, DigitalRoute; and Rick Constanzo, SAP called into ‘Coffee Break” to talk about the latest trends in the telco industry and how telco’s should be embracing technology and big data to provide customers with an optimal experience.

Telcos provide the backbone of our always-connected digital lives. As customers, we expect a dazzling array of services that were considered virtual magic, or perhaps elite perks, a mere 25 years ago. But deregulation and the web have eroded their traditional revenue streams.With declining voice revenues and cloud-based data taking over, how can Telcos make us happy, stay profitable, and still keep the digital foundation of our economy at 5-nines reliability (hint: remember the landline)?

Click below to listen to Dialing it In: Telcos Look to Big Data and New Services


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