Verizon Wireless Launches Interactive “Smart Stores”

Verizon Wireless is reinventing the traditional in-store experience with the transformation of their 1,700 stores to “Smart Stores. The store concept is set to provide an engaging, hands-on environment to better serve, and most importantly educate customers on how to integrate technology into their daily lifestyle.

After listening to customer feedback, Verizon is integrating real-life situations into the store setting, enhancing the learning and purchasing experience for customers as they can relate to in-store exhibits. Verizon envisions each customer leaves completely satisfied and educated on how everyday activities can become simplified and enjoyable through the connection of their mobile devices.

Here are some new experiences you’ll see at a Verizon Smart Store:

1) Hosted Wireless Workshops —the free, fun hour-long classes help customers understand how to get the most out of their iPhone, Android, and Tablets.

2) Elimination of traditional store layout – no more counters and browsing through a wide selection of products.

3) Zone dedicated to showcasing lifestyles, such as fitness, music, home monitoring and mobile for businesses.

verizon_smartstores_merchandising Image from bizjournal

Smarter Store Operations 

Smart Stores will be managed more efficiently with in-store technology. Appropriate employee scheduling and new training material will be shared during store meeting sessions—reducing customer wait-time. Bill payment kiosks installed will give customers a convenient way to pay their bills into store without help from a store representative. Verizon Wireless is also up-to-date on the latest fashion!  The employees’ wardrobe has been revamped and features diverse gear that allows them to personalize their look to reflect their individual style. 

“Creating the best customer experience – at every touch point – is our goal as we reinvent retail,” said Domenico D’Ambrosio, executive director national retail operations at Verizon Wireless.

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