7 Proven Tips for Displaying ‘Boring’ Products In-Store

Guest Post By:

Danny Thomson

To be successful at visual merchandising, it is necessary to be innovative, especially in how you display seemingly “boring” products. Your job is to bring attention to these products and intrigue the potential buyer to interact with and buy them. It is said; you are likely to achieve greater success if your storefront has one or more windows for display. There is no need to worry if your store lacks a shop-front window, though. With a mix of creativity and science you’ll be able to attract attention to your products. Here are some tips on ways to display boring products in-store:

First Things First

It is important to ensure that areas where these products are to be displayed are clean. Windows, tables, racks and all other materials needed for displaying products should be cleaned. You also need to plan the best time for setting up displays so that your business does not experience any down time as a result. Ever walked into a dirty Apple Store? Nope. I didn’t think so either. Learn from the best and keep you store ship-shape.


Use Bold Colours and Shapes

Colours matter when it comes to grabbing attention of customers to products. So, when setting up a display, especially a window display, it pays to use bright colours that could make it stand out, even from a distance. Fuchsia, papier-mâché’s, foam boards, or any other eye-catching objects that are related to your business could also be put to good effect.



It is also a good idea to ensure that you do not clutter your display in an attempt to showcase as more products as possible. Cluttering has a high tendency of making customers lose interest in your wares.

These days, we live life in the fast lane and do not have that much time to start going through what you have on displays one after the other. It is advisable to keep displays in store as simple as possible. Products should be arranged in groups and every item included must look necessary, not superfluous.

Read up on the psychology of merchandising here and apply the basic principles in your store.


Strike a Balance

The largest and heaviest products should go into the display first. You might say this is a matter of common sense, but it could still be taken for granted. Striking a balance also demands that darker items should be near the base of display. Smaller and brighter wares should be at the top to draw attention to themselves and other bigger, darker products at the base of the display. Some people may opt to put large and small items in separate sections of ads, which does not make for a balanced and attractive display. Balance has the tendency to induce feelings of pleasure and excitement in a subtle manner.


Update Your Display

Experts also advise that displays should be updated periodically. You should not simply set up a display and go to sleep. Regular updates help to keep customers captivated. This does not necessarily mean you should start creating new ideas for display all over again. Different photographs showing your store and products, perhaps, being put to use, may suffice for these updates that can be done every few weeks. If you are in need of some inspiration, this article has 12 tips from a seasoned retailer that you can apply.

Remember that your competition is no longer local. Your store has to remain relevant in comparison with ever-changing online stores, which tend to be very dynamic and fluid in their presentation.


Accentuate with Lighting

It is not enough to just put lights in a display. Lighting should bring out the focal point of a display. You should not hang lights directly above products to avoid unpleasant shadows at the bottom. Rather, lights should be at the sides and front of products to accentuate them.


Sell it Online

Struggling to sell it in-store? Try selling it online. If you want to test the water, try listing your products on eBay or Amazon to see what the demand is like. You can sell practically anything online: case in point, Kerboo is a store dedicated to selling 3M tape!

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get started (shopping carts like the hugely capable Magento are free to use and can be extensively customised), and as everybody knows, the results of a successful E-commerce operation can be very rewarding.



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