Jennifer Aniston set to open up brick & mortar lab in Cambridge MA

Jennifer Aniston has always been known for her outrageously gorgeous hair. Knowing a thing or two about maintaining her beautiful locks, in 2012, Aniston decided to invest in a small, Cambridge-based hair care company called Living Proof. For those not living in the Boston area, Living Proof is not just an ordinary hair care line. Founded by acclaimed MIT professor and biotech inventor, Bob Langer, the products sold by Living Proof are not made with “off-the-shelf” ingredients.

Langer says the company’s goal is to challenge conventional wisdom to solve the toughest beauty problems. “Using technology originating from MIT and Harvard, we invent and patent new molecules that have never been used in beauty before,” he says.

Living Proof’s newest strategy is to open a brick and mortar lab where scientists, stylists and the public come together to test new products in an upscale, retail environment.


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Jennifer Aniston sat down with Boston Magazine last Friday to talk about Living Proof’s new venture, called the Living Proof Style Lab, with is essentially a beauty test kitchen and retail concept space that serves as a consumer-facing extension of the company’s Cambridge labs. The in-store experience will allow customers to interact with brand and ask an actual scientist questions about the product. How cool is that?!

Below, Boston Magazine’s full Q&A with Jennifer Aniston:

[MM] The space was designed by Boston-based Hacin + Associates, but I was told you had a lot of input in the design. What did you work on exactly?

[JA] Well, they showed me the materials, the floor plan, and the layout and design, and I felt it was a bit on the side of being a science lab. It was very much metals and lacquers and I sort of suggested bringing in reclaimed woods and, you know, old materials mixed in with a more modern, mid-century kind of feel. It didn’t feel cozy or like a place where you’d want to go and get pampered or play.

Do you really use the products?

Every day.

What do you use most often? 

Well, the Restore I love because of all the wear and tear [my hair] gets. I also love the No Frizz. Also, Perfect Hair Day came about with [my hair stylist] Chris [McMillan] and I saying, “We’ve spent 25 years in a hair chair together, so the amount of mixing and the alchemy that we’ve done is a lot. It’s like, take a little paste from here, take a serum from here, let’s do a beach spray, and then here ya go.” Then, of course, the Restore Mask is what I use every Sunday, especially in the summer. It’s great to put in your hair when you’re sitting by the pool before you go into chlorine because it will protect from the damage.

There are a lot of pictures out there of you at pools.

I’m tanorexic. But we should all use at least SPF 50.

You’ve been known for your hair for more than two decades. Of all the different hairstyles, which is your favorite? Please don’t say the “Rachel,” please don’t say the “Rachel.”

The “Rachel” became the bane of my existence, and that was so funny because it was so hard to style! I was like “Great, so now what do I do?” I have this ’fro or I have to go to you every day, Chris [McMillan], to help me style it. So it became a battle against me, my hair brush, and a blow dryer, just at odds. My favorite haircut is always just simple, long layers. Just long and easy. I don’t like “hairdos.” That’s why even when I’ve cut it short just to have fun and change it up, I usually go back to what feels really me.

Right now your hair is brunette and shorter, just above the shoulders. Are you going back to your signature blonde soon?

Well, I just wrapped a movie two nights ago, and this was just for the job. So yeah, I didn’t have any time to go back. And I don’t know if I want to go back now because this is sort of my natural color.

If there was one thing you wish you knew at 30, or one thing that you wish you could tell your 30-year-old self, what would it be?

I mean, where do I begin? Don’t sweat the small stuff. You won’t care as much as you think. As much as you care right now, as much as you worry… worry is such a waste of time. Just enjoy where you are. That’s the thing: as you get older, you start to realize, “God, why didn’t I take more time to enjoy where I was, as opposed to trying to get to the next destination?” Those destinations start to creep up really quickly.

Well said. I always say I’d tell my 20-year-old self to wear a bikini every day.

Yeah, I didn’t wear bikinis in my 20s. I didn’t start to get into shape where I thought I could wear a bikini until I was a little older.

That’s surprising because you’ve been known for your fit physique for a long time. I’ve read that you practice yoga often. Is that true? 

I’ve been practicing yoga let’s say… almost 10 years now.

How often do you practice?

Like four or five times a week.

What type of yoga?

Mandy [Ingber], my friend for 25 years, is also my yoga teacher. She’s also a spin instructor. She’s everything to me. We do a combination of spin and yoga. She does a combination of all different kinds of yoga and the calisthenics, so she mixes it up. Some days we heat up the room depending on what we feel like, but we just mix it up. We’ll do 40 minutes of spin, then 30 minutes of yoga. It’s a really great work out.

 The Living Proof Style Lab will be located at 301 Binney Street (entrance on the corner of Fulkerson and Rogers Streets) in Cambridge; sign up for the wait list here; for more information, visit

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