New Research Tackles Known Problem Management in Retail Visual Merchandising and In-Store Campaign Execution

In its newest custom research report, RIS News examines the state of Known Problem Management (KPM) in retail today and what companies can do to create more customer-centric campaigns that are planned and executed on time

Linking ineffective in-store merchandising to a zombie, a problem that refuses to die until someone figures out how to kill it, RIS News examines known problems through the lens of task management and corporate communication at the store level. The problems of these zombies are so bad they are eating up retail profits! And their #1 enabler, according to retailers? The use of email and spreadsheets to manage in-store execution of visual merchandising, planogram management, retail labor operations, merchandising, and customer engagement strategies. Found in the research, retailers are driven most by the need to adapt and respond to the demands of the consumer. In fact, nearly 60 percent of retailers listed it as the top factor causing them to change their approach to executing merchandising plans for promotional events. The pressure to keep up has caused an influx of these zombies.

Other findings from the RIS News research include:

  • Sixty two percent of retailers say the leading cause of ineffective merchandising for promotional events is the limitation caused by using email and Excel spreadsheets
  • More than half of retailers’ merchandising campaign materials are inaccurately planned and distributed
  • Fifty-three percent believe the number one factor preventing stores from executing campaigns on time and accurately is a heavy store workload. Tied for second at 50 percent each are the lack of ability to track stores and inadequate corporate communication


“The new research from RIS News demonstrates that retailers are beginning to identify known problems and are looking for solutions to kill these zombies,” said Dan Wittner, EVP & Chief Operating Officer at RBM Technologies. “Leading this charge is the desire to create a better in-store experience for the consumer. This is achieved through marked proficiency in executing merchandising plans and staying compliant with corporate campaigns. Fortunately, new technology now empowers store managers to get rid of Excel sheets and excess emails, and focus on the store floor by automating campaign compliance and increasing communication with corporate headquarters through visual planograms.”

Access to the full research report can be downloaded from RIS News.

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