Macy’s Put Stores Front and Center in Omnichannel

While Macy’s develops new strategies and processes to better market to Millennials and the changing tastes of their key demographics, one thing remains true for them, stores will always drive their omnichannel efforts.


According to a recent Forbes article, Macy’s is developing teams of specialists to continue to change the retail experience to not only adapt to their customers’ tastes, but help predict and anticipate those shifts.

From the article:

Macy’s localization program is an important and effective in attracting a variety of customers. As part of this program, merchandise managers analyze the customer mix in each and every store and then ships goods tailored specifically in terms of style and sizing to each store. For example, Asian customers wear smaller sizes; Hispanic customers favor flamboyant colors; and the working woman favors black and white clothing. Localized merchandise programs can make sure each customer type finds the goods they like.

For internet shoppers, stores are still important and hold appeal for young customers who often shop the stores and then order on the web. Using omnichannel fulfillment that approach has been enhanced. Customers can now order on the Internet and have the option to pick up their orders in stores. A test late last year confirmed the viability of this initiative and it is now being rolled out to most stores.

Stores are, and will remain, important for creating a fashion image in the future. They are the anchor for serving the customer well via visible, attentive and enthusiastic associates. When this is the case, it makes shopping a pleasurable experience.