What are the steps necessary to create a successful pop up shop?

We have written extensively about pop up shops over the past year. In fact, 2013 might have been the year of pop up shops for Merchandising Matters.


The folks over at POPAI put together a great article that examines what exactly goes on behind the scenes to build a great one. From outlining who should be involved in the process, how to pick a perfect location, and why they have become so popular in the first place, it is definitely worth a read.

From the article:

Brands, retailers, and agencies tend to build pop-ups for two reasons, said Ilona Taillade, Co-founder and CCO of BrandSpots, a full-service pop-up provider in Europe. The reasons are “1. Pop-ups are a tool to provide feedback and an opportunity to get to know the consumer. 2. Pop-ups are a testing spot to find out what works and what doesn’t.” I’d also like to add in the reason of getting press.

Since Pop-ups are temporary stores that only last anywhere from one day to five weeks, brands, retailers, and agencies can try anything in the space and see how their shoppers respond to it. Whether they have physical feedback cards, look at blog posts from bloggers or hope for print publications, Pop-ups are a great space to get feedback. The atmosphere is different from any permanent brick-and-mortar, so shoppers are willing to have a different shopping experience.

Pop-ups can draw in new shoppers and make old shoppers more loyal. No matter what, a Pop-up will tell you who your shoppers are and who they can be by offering your stores in a new location. They provide a space where you can test new displays, new environments and new sales strategies.

Overall, Pop-ups are a great way to see what your product can do and get press for it.