Using image recognition to simplify mobile POS

A number of merchants in the Dallas, TX area are testing out a new mobile POS system that uses facial recognition to speed up the checkout process. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the system is called Cartwheel and has been rolled out to 15 businesses in the Dallas area.


From the article:

A number of different vendors have been releasing mobile POS systems to ease the transaction process for smaller merchants.

There is a lot of competition in the restaurant space with mobile apps such as Dash, TabbedOut and MyCheck (see story).

Then there are larger competitors such as Google Wallet, Isis and PayPal.

However, many of the mobile POS systems require further hardware such as contactless terminals, and not only does that require more investment from merchants but it also seems that NFC is struggling to catch on (see story).

Cartwheel Register is taking a different approach by keeping it all within the app and not even requiring bar codes to make a purchase.

“The bottom line there is the only thing a merchant needs to run a store is their smartphone,” Mr. Cervin said.

“Second is the implication on transaction price,” he said. “Traditionally today there’s a price for a transaction and double the price for keyed in and oftentimes merchants aren’t aware or they get penalized because the swiper doesn’t work well.

“It ends up costing the merchant a lot of money. We have one rate, and it’s the same no matter what, whether it’s American Express, Visa or MasterCard. And it’s a competitive rate to the swipe transaction. Third is the idea that the interface on a tablet and phone gets the item level recording and being able to understand their business better.”