Lululemon’s new Vancouver Concept Store Puts the Consumer in the Design Chair

Ever wanted to have an active hand in creating a pair of active pants? Well now you can at Lululemon’s new Vancouver concept store. According to Financial Post, this new store allows customers to work alongside designers to create new styles for their popular workout pants.


From the article:

Lululemon’s Lab store is a bright sunlit space with high ceilings, steps from the Olympic Village and a short drive from where the Canadian athletic wear company opened its first store in Vancouver. It’s where in-the-know fans go to scoop up limited editions of designs that may make it into the retailer’s other stores.

But it’s mostly an ideas incubator for the retailer, where the designers go far beyond the stretchy black yoga pants that helped Lululemon become a household name.

In addition to the Lab’s take on yoga and exercise clothes, plenty of what is for sale isn’t for stretching or sweating. Elegant pants and skirts are draped over hangers. Dark coloured dresses and tops in neutral colours tempt shoppers. The designers are looking to dress their customers from morning to night.

“It offers something different, especially in Vancouver where they’ve had access to the brand for years now,” said Lacey Norton, the Lab’s general manager.

“We’re constantly looking at how we create a unique experience.”

Norton is dressed top to bottom in Lab clothes — a pair of navy blue crop pants, a collarless black fleece jacket and a linen top.