Retailers rethinking store designs with mobile in mind

For years, Apple’s retail stores were seen as the zenith of the retail experience. Brick-and-mortar shoppers evolved to demand inspiration from their favorites stores, finding products that fit into their life seamlessly. As we recently posted, this trend extends to many other major retailers including AT&T.


According to Mobile Marketer, the influence of mobile can be seen as a major driving force in the design or redesign of retail stores. Shoppers are used to being able to shop for anything they want, when they want, and the that experience now translates to the storefront.

From the article:

In the past, stores were designed with departments and aisles to influence shopper behavior with an eye toward encouraging shoppers to view as many products as possible and add more items to their baskets.

However, increasingly retailers are looking at eliminating departments and creating more open retail spaces populated with thematic zones.

For example, AT&T recently unveiled a new store format intended to reflect customers’ mobile lifestyle where café-style learning tables replace cash registers.

The store layout highlights products and services in three different thematic areas. In the Connected Experience, shoppers can see how solutions can be used in their everyday lives. The Community Zone features an open and interactive space where customers can test products. In the Explore Zone, there are digital monitors to highlight AT&T’s lineup.

Thomson, a British travel agency, with multiple locations also recently unveiled a new store format also focused on enabling more hands-on experiences where associates and customers work together more closely. It includes interactive tables where customers can research holidays.

The customer-facing interface uses advanced touch and transition elements to make it feel like an app.

Social media feeds are streamed onto the screens to inspire customers and give them a feel of what to expect from a vacation.