A Look At A Few of RadioShack’s Concept Stores

Since the beginning of July, RadioShack has opened 10 “concept” shops aimed at highlighting various electronic products in new and innovative ways. According to POPAI, they are showing no signs of slowing down either.


From the article:

It is exciting at least one of their stores has a completely different feel, the one that opened yesterday. But the concept started so RadioShack could bring in more money. They’re focusing on interactive displays so customers can test out the product and have a great in-store shopping experience.

RadioShack has stated in press releases that they plan on opening at least 100 of these “concept” stores by the end of the year. The design will then spread throughout all their remaining stores.

The concept store that is different from the others just opened yesterday (October 20,2013) in Fort Worth, Texas. RadioShack decided to tailor their hometown’s store to have a mid-century retro feel. The location is in the Commerce Building in Sundance Square and it will have location-specific features such as a brand evolution banner on the outside of the stores with their logos from 1921 to the present, custom uniforms for employees, interactive projections, and screens with the history of RadioShack.