Target takes a page from Apple’s retail playbook

Target’s latest efforts to drive increased focus on their electronics offerings might leave customers feeling a sense of deja vu. According to the Star Tribune, Target is taking a page from Apple’s retail playbook and going for a streamlined, minimalistic approach to their electronics department, similar to Apple’s retail store.


From the article:

“It’s more a minimalist approach with space for consumers to touch and test the merchandise,” said Chris Christopher, director of consumer electronics at IHS Global Insight in Massachusetts.

And it comes at a time when electronics sellers are seeing a major shift in product mix as the space that used to be devoted to cameras — which are declining rapidly in sales — gives way to square footage for cellphones.

Target is testing the format to give customers a more convenient way to interact with products and services, said spokeswoman Erica Julkowski. “Guests are looking for more interactive ways to make purchasing decisions about the latest technology,” she wrote in a statement.

The concept is being tested at stores in Brooklyn Park, Mankato, Ridgedale and the Quarry location in Minneapolis, as well as outside Minnesota. There was no word on how long the test will last or when Target executives might decide whether to bring the idea to the rest of its approximately 1,800 stores nationwide.