For one Tiffany & Co. manager, retail is a balancing act

Retail store leaders have the huge responsibility of running a business and helping associates grow in their careers. Susan Pollard Freimanis, general manager at Tiffany & Co. in Chevy Chase, Md., says that after 14 years of management experience, she’s discovered retail is a career that helps her explore her own strengths and weaknesses. “You also have to be strong enough to make tough decisions, but compassionate enough to motivate your team through challenging times,” she said.

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From the article:

Good leadership is: balance, fairness and communication. Using common sense and always communicating with your team. They may not like the answers, but they will always respect knowing the information that went into making tough decisions.

I aspire to: continue to grow and develop—I have been with the same company for many years, but always in different positions, so I have never felt “stagnant.” It is important for me to stay motivated, and help keep others motivated as well. I have two mentors at work, my vice president and my group director that hired me. I consistently look to them for guidance. They each have different strengths, and the combination of each of them has truly shaped my career. They have pushed me to strive for more, always supported me. I truly believe that they are responsible for my success. I aspire to be that kind of leader for someone during my career.