Showrooming retail store, shopper marketing

Visa Finds Showrooming to be less of an Issue than Previously Thought

In a recent study conducted by Visa, they found that showrooming is less of an issue for brick-and-mortar stores than was originally thought as more Americans are making purchases online without visiting a store beforehand.

Showrooming retail store, shopper marketing

According to FastCompany, the study also found that more Americans are carrying less cash around with them. In fact, 40% of Americans carry less than $20 in their wallet.

From the article:

The study also finds that showrooming is becoming less of a problem, with only 12% of respondents saying they visited a retail store once a month to check out a product in person with no intention to buy. In contrast, 53% reported never visiting a physical store before making a purchase online.

Here are some other interesting nuggets from the report:

  • The West Coast is considered more tech savvy when it comes to mobile shopping: About 60% of people on the West Coast own smartphones, compared with 46% in the Northeast and Midwest. Of respondents on the West Coast, 37% said they have made purchases using their smartphones compared with 21% in the Midwest and 25% in the South.
  • Overall, 27% of smartphone owners and 24% of tablet owners have shopped using their mobile devices in the last year.
  • The survey found 15% of respondents said they have scanned a QR code to make a purchase in the last year.
  • About 20% to 30% of respondents said they would use their smartphones to pay for public transportation, parking meters, tips, and gas station purchases if they could.