Nordstrom Bringing iPads to the Dressing Room

In an effort to boost the overall customer experience in their brick-and-mortar stores, and to reach the increasingly frenetic digital natives, Nordstrom is toying with the idea of putting iPads in their dressing rooms.


According to Luxury Daily, putting tablets in the dressing rooms would allow customers to look up other styles, colors, and sizes of clothing.

From the article:

“As we look at the interactions of ‘digital natives’ in department stores, it emerged that these consumers are less interested in having a sales associate interrupt them as they browse on the sales floor since many times they have already done pre-shopping before coming to a store,” said Rick Chavie, vice president of omnicommerce at hybris, Atlanta.

“An in-store service that extends a form of personalized shopper support, such as picking wish list items for trying on offering personal shopper services, could well be the next wave of in-store support to go beyond what web only shopping offers,” he said.

Mr. Chavie is not affiliated with Nordstrom, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Nordstrom did not respond by press deadline.

Mobile personal shopper
Nordstrom is looking into more ways that it can use iPads and mobile technologies in stores, with one of the main ideas being iPads in its dressing rooms, according to Cite World.

The iPads would aid consumers in a number of ways such as seeing if an item is available in a different size, color or a nearby store. The iPads will also sync with customer’s selections from home to have products waiting at the dressing room upon arrival and match up new items with other products that the customer has previously purchased.