AT&T Store, Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Shopper Marketing

AT&T Has Created A Great In-Store Experience

On Chicago’s Magnificent Mile one store has made a big impact on an already flashy stretch of road. AT&T’s new retail concept goes way beyond cell phones. According to RIS News, their Chicago flagship features concept products that the company plans to roll out nationwide.

AT&T Store, Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Shopper Marketing

As if their 2,300 retail stores weren’t proof enough that they are committed to their brick-and-mortar strategy, their latest concept store marks a decisive effort to push their in-store experience beyond what has existed for the last 100 years.

From the article:

In addition to the products and services found at AT&T stores nationwide, the Michigan Avenue store includes AT&T Digital Life home security and automation services and a Connected Car that shows how wireless technology can aid driving. Customers can also find exclusive accessories by Chicago-area artists and other products unique to the Windy City.

With 130 digital screens throughout the space, every aspect of the store is designed to educate customers about future wireless technologies and services. In the store, customers can find a multitude of experiences including:

  • The Explorer Lounge to play and learn about apps that interest them.
  • The App Bar where “app-tenders” serve up one-on-one or group demos, which are also displayed on multiple video monitors on the Apps Wall.
  • An 18-foot-high Connect Wall that shows interactive content and product information visible to the entire store and passers-by.
  • Products, apps and accessories organized by needs in the Lifestyle Boutiques, including Get Fit, Be Productive, Share Your Life and Chicagoland.
  • The Experience Platform, where customers can interact with AT&T products for home security and automation, entertainment, music and automobiles.

“We used to sell phones,” says Roth. “Now we shifted to offer solutions. No one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy.”