Motorola Solutions Innovation Showcase, Retail Localization

The Newest Innovations from Motorola Solutions

At Motorola Solution’s annual Innovation Showcase this week, they showed off some new technologies that are in their pipeline. According to the Daily Herald, this includes new inventory management systems for retail and other enabling technologies to benefit the larger retail vertical.

Motorola Solutions Innovation Showcase, Retail Localization

From the article:

The global company has been promoting its vast array of technology for government and public sector customers as well as for retailers here and worldwide, including most recent trips to Paris and even the Gobi Desert, Steinberg said.

As for the retail setting, store managers can get instant results on inventory by installing a RFID, or radio frequency identification, overhead reader that looks much like a light fixture. It instantly picks up on codes in tags that are attached to clothing. The fixture regularly reads where the item is and whether it’s still in the store, being purchased or being carried out the door.

A large concierge touch screen offers consumers a chance to find the item they need, buy it, slide their credit card in an attached device, read more about the item or scan reviews, and even get a live person to ask questions. If you don’t want to use the screen’s keyboard to touch type the words in, you can use voice commands to call up your item.

The concept is designed for the so-called “endless aisle,” a term used for retailers who may have limited space in their bricks-and-mortar store but endless space available online to feature all other products for sale via the self-service touch screen.