Dairy Queen Ad Campaign, Visual Merchandising

Dairy Queen Launching New Ad Campaign This Memorial Day

With the slogan “Fan Food, not Fast Food,” Dairy Queen is hoping their new ad campaign will help create a personalized connection with their younger consumers, as well as solidify their appeal across all key demographics. According to NRN, the new advertisements will feature video footage of customers enjoying their food alongside staged shots of Dairy Queen meals.

Dairy Queen Ad Campaign, Visual Merchandising

From the article:

“Consumers today are looking for much more authenticity in their relationships with brands that they’re loyal to,” Barry Westrum, executive vice president of marketing, said in an interview with Nation’s Restaurant News. “We’ve found the brand stands out relative to our competitors as it relates to that authenticity. Consumers grew up with our brand, or had their first kiss at one of our locations, or came here after winning Little League, and they don’t have that connection with our competitors. We wanted to bring that to life in our advertising.”

New TV commercials differ greatly from Dairy Queen’s previous work in the “Ri-DQ-lous” campaign that trended toward the quirky and absurd. “The previous work broke through the clutter with humor, and that works — for a time,” Westrum said. “Our consumers change, and we want to change with them.”

That does not necessarily mean that Dairy Queen’s core audience would shift dramatically toward younger, Millennial consumers, even though previous creative under Grey had a sense of humor that spoke mostly to a Generation X customer base, he said.