Simon Doonan, Duane Reade, Visual Merchandising

Duane Reade Gets Some Window Treatments from Barneys’ Simon Doonan

You might not think that a drug store window would be a place to find the colorful and often outrageous work of Barneys’ Creative Ambassador Simon Doonan, but that is just what Duane Reade has done.

According to an article on Chain Store Age, the drug store chain hired Doonan to create a window celebrating Broadway for their store near Radio City Music Hall.

Simon Doonan, Duane Reade, Visual Merchandising

From the article:

“I love new challenges and was thrilled Nexxus asked me to do something that’s never been done before – to take the art of high-end luxury window dressing and put it in the context of a classic American drugstore,” said Simon Doonan. “This project has been a blast because I get to do what I love – design creative over-the-top window designs – and celebrate my passion for Broadway, but with a new twist.”

The window, accented by lights like those on a Broadway marquee, features an oversized photograph of a glamorous woman, on stage, presenting a Tony Award. Her show-stopping hair is made entirely of Nexxus Salon Hair Care bottles, while her dress is designed out of Tony Awards posters. The backdrop includes a wall of stacked hair conditioners. The display also encourages passers-by to tune in June 9 for the live broadcast of the Tony Awards.

The design will be on display through June 16 at the Duane Reade located at 51 West 51st Street, across from Radio City Music Hall, the venue for the 67th Annual Tony Awards.