Luxottica Deploys Clienteling Solution

Luxottica has deployed Raymark’s clienteling solution, according to Chain Store Age. The eyewear makers will deploy Raymark’s solution in their Ilori sunwear stores throughout the year.


From the article

“Eyewear is a deeply personal choice and customer needs vary greatly by individual,” says Linda Shimaza, vice president of brand development for Luxottica in a statement. “Raymark’s Clienteling solution is an in-store, associate facing, relationship selling solution that will provide us with the insight we require on each of our customers. It is designed to deliver knowledge of our enterprise across channels to our associates on the store floor.”

When Luxottica began looking for more tailored, personalized service to their clientele, “they began searching for a solution that would allow their store associates to replace their black books, manage tasks, and engage customers on a deeper level,” said Raymark senior vice president Will Roche. “Raymark’s Clienteling solution was the perfect fit.”