Personalized Shopping Experience is King, Shopper Marketing

The In-Store Experience Still Reigns Supreme for Customers

A customized in-store experience is the preferred method of shopping preferred by customers, according to a recent Chain Store Age article. Having said that, the checkout process is still a thorn in the side of nearly three-quarters of shoppers. Two-thirds of Americans also prefer to shop in stores where they receive personalized shopping experiences.

Personalized Shopping Experience is King, Shopper Marketing

From the article:

The survey found that more than two-thirds of Americans prefer to shop in traditional, brick and mortar stores than online commerce sites, and that shoppers gravitate towards retail locations that offer customized shopping experiences but that

“Synqera found that at the most basic level of commerce, the point of sale in brick-and-mortar retailers is the primary deterrent for consumers shopping at stores,” said Filipp Shubin, Synqera COO. “We also discovered that coupon usage increases if they were immediately accessible and personalized to each shopper that walks into the retailer’s store. If the consumer is actively engaged the entire time they are in a store, the better they feel about the shopping experience.”