Nordstrom Shopper Marketing

Nordstrom Can Now See How Their Customers Are Moving In Their Stores Thanks to Smart Phones

In an effort to better serve their customer base, Nordstrom has begun tracking shopper movement in their namesake and Nordstrom Rack stores. According to CBS, the company is using cell phone data to track how much time customers spend within the store, and in which departments.

Nordstrom Shopper Marketing

They began tracking data in October, but so far have yet to make any changes to store layouts as a result.

From the article:

A company spokesperson says sensors within the store collect information from customer smart phones as they attempt to connect to Wi-Fi service. The sensors can monitor which departments you visit and how much time you spend there. However, the sensors do not follow your phone from department to department, nor can they identify any personal information tied to the phone’s owner, says spokesperson Tara Darrow.

“This is literally measuring a signal. You are not connected to the signal,” says Darrow.

The store calls the information “anonymous aggregate reports that give us a better sense of customer foot traffic” and will ultimately be used to increase the shopping experience for Nordstrom customers. Darrow says the company could use the information to increase staffing during certain high-traffic times or change the layout of a department.