The Gap, Big Data, Personalization, SHopper Marketing

Gap Shifts Focus Towards Big Data and Personalization

In a move to further marry the online and in-store shopping experience, The Gap is turning to Big Data to develop a more personalized experience. According to RIS News, they have never lacked the appropriate data, rather they needed a way to turn that data into information relevant to their shoppers.

The Gap, Big Data, Personalization, SHopper Marketing

From the article:

For The Gap, personalization will, has, and is forming the bridge between the online world and the brick-and-mortar experience. If customers shop online don’t buy, the wish list on the website will now be available on iPad mini or tablet or smartphone, and follow customers into the store. “That’s an obvious no-brainer that,” said Arthur Peck, president of growth, innovation and digital for The Gap on a recent call with analysts. “That shopping experience should be seamless across those channels and then show up and pop up in the store environment.”

Personalization comes to life when a device lights up as customers cross the lease line, recognizes who they are, and the shopping experience begins there. Bringing this to life will create a great multi-tender loyalty experience.

“What we’re talking about with multi-tender loyalty experience is giving you, the customer, the incentive to self-identify at the beginning of your shopping experience,” continued Peck. “And that allows us to then initiate a personalized shopping experience, whether it’s on the website or in a brick-and-mortar experience. It allows us to personalize a promotional offer. You can derive individual elasticity curves on the basis of a pretty modest amount of data. It allows us to personalize product information as you’re walking across the store. A sales associate today would have to recognize me, know when I was last in the store, know what my size is and when I last purchased 1969 denim to tell me that, when I come into the store again, there are new washes available in my favorite fit and size.”