Kate Spade eBay retail concept store, New York

eBay and Kate Spade Partner in New York Retail Pop-Up

Making strides into brick-and-mortar stores, eBay has partnered with Kate Spade to launch a retail concept that brings eBay features to the in-store experience. According to CNet, not many other details were provided at this moment.

Kate Spade eBay retail concept store, New York

From the article:

The company has made a big push into mobile and has positioned itself as a sort of mission control for mobile, Donahoe said, helping with the entire flow instead of just allowing people to shop and make payments.

Donahoe noted innovative efforts, like the store in New York, are a big area of investment for eBay.
“You will see more and more of that,” he said.

Donahoe sees the store aligning well with eBay’s belief that mobile is changing how people shop. The iPad “has put the consumer in charge of the media business,” he said, and mobile is having the same effect on retail. People want to shop where they want, whenever they want, Donahoe said.

Donahoe believes people will use multiple screens in a shopping experience.