Walgreens, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Retail Localization

Massive Walgreens About to Open in Boston’s Downtown Crossing

Walgreens is about to open a larger-than-normal store in the Downtown Crossing section of Boston. According to Bostinno, the nearly 25,000 square foot store will have everything from carry-out lunch to traditional groceries.

Walgreens, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Retail Localization

From the article:

It will be open 24-hours. For those late-night and early morning needs.

Come in for paper towels, walk out with lunch. The store will offer grab-and-go wraps, sandwiches and salads made fresh daily. There will also be grocery items and a frozen food section.

Or, go raw at the sushi and sashimi bar. Getting fish from a drugstore may seem strange, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

Juice is all the rage, and the new Walgreens boasts a juice and smoothie bar to help you achieve your daily intake of fresh fruit.

Because you can never have enough fro-yo, there will be self-service frozen yogurt dispensers inside the Walgreens, allowing patrons to load up on treats while getting their prescriptions filled.