Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Motorola Phablet

Is Motorola Planning to Launch a “phablet”? Google’s Eric Schmidt Hints

Since being acquired by Google, Motorola is stepping back into the tablet game, at least according to Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt. In an article on TabTimes covering D: Dive into Mobile, Schmidt reportedly announced that a Motorola “phablet” could be launched to the public “sooner rather than later.”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Motorola Phablet

From the article:

Prompted further on what these devices could be, Schmidt wasn’t giving much away, although his answer would perhaps suggest Motorola is working on a phablet to challenge Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

“Think of it as phones-plus,” replied the Google chairman.

Prior to Google’s $12.5 billion takeover in May last year, Motorola had been busy experimenting with a number of designs which somewhat blurred the lines between smartphone and PC.

One such design, called the Atrix, debuted at CES 2011 and comprised a smartphone and an optional laptop dock. The Android smartphone could be docked into the display (via USB or HDMI), and this would see the display show whatever was on the smartphone. The display would also source its power from the handset.