Demand planner, retail localization

What It Takes to Be a Great Demand Planner

Many companies are clamoring for supply chain and demand planners, the problem is that the requirements for one can be as varied and diverse as the companies seeking them. According to an article on Supply Chain Brain, there is not a perfect formula for creating or hiring expert demand planners. Core skill sets, along with the proper training, can provide companies with their best possible chance at a solid demand planner.

Not feeling comforted? Don’t worry, this issue is consistent for most companies.

Demand planner, retail localization

From the article:

For the most part, they aren’t born, but are bred within organizations that take a multidisciplinary view of supply chain operations, and train their employees accordingly. Let’s see if we can’t pick apart the elements that make up a good demand planner, based on the experience of several companies that were represented on a panel at a recent conference of the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF) in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Patrick Bower, senior director of corporate planning and customer service with Combe Inc., agreed that the ideal demand or supply planner will have some kind of background in applied mathematics or economics. But strong leadership abilities are called for as well. “One of the needs for a demand planner is to be able to influence people,” Bower said. “The ability to lead by collaboration is an important skill.”

How one defines such an intangible is a highly subjective exercise. As Bower sees it, “you look for people who have done things that require some sort of complexity and analysis over time.”