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3 Common Retail Campaign Problems, Solved

Drive Sales and Eliminate Waste with Retail-Specific Mobile Apps

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on SAP Insider and is available to download with a subscription.

Retailers are moving past the old idea of multichannel retailing and focusing on creating an omni-channel customer experience that is seamless across all available shopping channels. However, it can be a challenge to keep brick-and-mortar stores aligned and consistent with online and mobile campaign initiatives.

RBM Technologies, SAP Insider, mobile technologies

RBM’s Visual Merchandising Manager (VMM) Mobile solution for SAP retail clients helps solve the three most common problems that make it difficult for a retailer to run a successful in-store campaign.

Problem #1: Data silos.
To alleviate problems with disparate data sets, VMM Mobile enables retailers to combine all store, fixture, customer, and campaign data into a single source of truth. Once this information is centralized, retailers can automate campaign planning processes to support complex omni-channel objectives.

Problem #2: Too much or too little localized assortments delivered to stores.
VMM Mobile allows retailers to easily forecast and deliver the correct products and quantities to each location based on store clustering information and customer preferences. Store shelves can then be filled with products that fit the store profile and fixture dimensions. This helps drive sales, eliminate waste, and slash stranded inventory.

Problem #3: An inability to ensure in-store adherence to campaigns.
Retailers need to be certain that campaigns are executed consistently in each store. VMM Mobile provides store-specific merchandising directives to managers right on the sales floor, which not only ensures omni-channel coordination, but also reduces the time required to execute a campaign.

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