Apple store customer service, shopper marketing

A New Apple Customer Service Initiative is Coming to An Apple Store Near You

Apple employees will no longer be wandering around the store, according to an article on 9to5 Mac. A new customer service strategy will assign employees to a table to help groups of customers with varying issues. They are hoping to bypass the lengthy wait times associated with their current iQueue strategy.

Apple store customer service, shopper marketing

From the article:

While helping multiple customers with similar purchases might help Apple sell more iPads and iPhones at a more rapid pace, the new strategy does not go without its fair share of criticism. Some Apple Store employees believe the new approach could be too transactional and take away from the personal experience the Apple Store offers.

“I don’t think everyone has the same questions or needs,” an Apple Store employee familiar with the strategy said. “I feel like it’s slowly turning us into Best Buy. Every time I go to Best Buy, there is one guy barely able to handle and help 5 people all wanting different things. [Group selling] is taking away what used to make Apple special,” this person added.

Apple’s approach to retail has historically been nonconventional since debuting its Apple Store concept in 2001. The company replaced traditional paper signs with highly interactive and informative iPad Smart Signs nearly two years ago. Apple has since spent much time training its customers on how to utilize their technology, even in their stores. For example, each Smart Sign featured a ’Specialist’ button that allowed the customer to join the “iQueue.”