Walmart, E-Commerce, Fulfillment centers, retail localization

Walmart creating a next-gen network of stores as fulfillment centers

E-commerce, utilizing emerging ahead-of-curve technology, and creating a world-class fulfillment network, are two of Walmart’s biggest focuses at the moment. According to an article on RIS News, the mega-retailer is working on ways to improve the customer experience on both a macro and micro level. From the in-store experience to managing global supply chains, they are rethinking the entire process.

Walmart, E-Commerce, Fulfillment centers, retail localization

From the article:

Work on the fulfillment network will begin in the U.S. “We are still in pilot phases of our same day delivery for Walmart U.S. but we know we have a very important advantage in our brand and promise,” explained Walmart CFO Charles Holley in a presentation at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Consumer & Retail Conference last week. “Along with the 4,000 stores that are within a very short distance of a large part of the population, we are also going to be using dedicated fulfillment centers.

The retailer is supporting its digital commerce efforts with technology investments, including improvements to its Polaris search engine and the development of its Pangaea global e-commerce platform. “We want to have a common global platform that can flex to the market,” explained Holley. “Right now we have different technology we’re using in some of these markets so we need one common platform and we think that will take us a long way. Mobile technology is another small part of investment but important I think.”

Walmart is also making efforts to rein in expenses and run its stores more efficiently. At its Sam’s Club stores, the retailer is piloting self-checkout POS registers. “That’s made us much more efficient and much more productive in the Club, our membership scores also have gone up in those clubs along with associate scores,” Holley reported.