Walgreens green building, shopper marketing

Walgreens To Build First Self-Powered Retail Store

In an effort to identify best-practices for a zero impact retail store, Walgreens is hoping to identify ways to expand this initiative to other retail stores across the country. According to an article on Hot Hardware, green construction projects are often used for data centers rather than consumer-facing retail store.

Walgreens green building, shopper marketing

From the article:

The store is slated to be built at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Keeney Street in Evanston, Illinois, where an existing Walgreens is currently being demolished. The technologies Walgreens is plotting to implement in this new super-green store will include solar panels and wind turbines to generate power; geothermal technology for heat; and efficient energy consumption with LED lighting, daylight harvesting, and “ultra-high-efficiency” refrigeration.

What’s truly impressive about this retail store is that it will actually generate more power than it consumes. Engineering estimates suggest that the location will produce 256,000 kilowatt hours per year while using just 200,000.