Google glass, visual merchandising

Google searches for place in retail

Google’s foray into wearable computing, it’s first attempt at a physical product, might tell volumes about their future direction in the retail landscape. According to an article on Retail Customer Experience, Google is a well-liked brand, but has never charged its customers for its services in the past.

Google glass, visual merchandising

From the article:

Skeptics are brushing off the device as an annoyance that will be clunky and buggy. But before writing this off as an over-hyped gadget, keep in mind how annoying, expensive and buggy the early days of computers, cell phones or even the Internet were. This is day one and the opportunities are endless.

But, this isn’t a slam dunk for Google … yet. Google needs to figure out voice command technology — and before we just overlook this, does anyone remember how Siri by Apple was going to change the world? There’s also a huge need for an open technology that will allow developers to create relevant and flawless technologies.

What Google is really facing is a challenge it has never had. Matter. This will be its first real venture into selling an actual product you can touch. Everything else has been data or a re-selling of the Android system through partners. How is Google going to do with 1-800, packaging, returns and repairs?