Mobile Marketing Flaws, Shopper Marketing

Companies rush to mobile, but online marketing efforts often fall short

As companies rush to establish a mobile presence, a new TabTimes article finds that most lack a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy to make them work.

Mobile Marketing Flaws, Shopper Marketing

The article notes that two main challenges facing companies’ mobile solutions are rarely accounted for: adaptations to the changing mobile landscape, and a lack of reporting structures to measure results.

From the article”

A notable difference in the case of mobile-first businesses is that they identified ‘acquiring more customers’ and ‘building new customers’ as their top goals for mobile. By contrast, mainstream organizations more often reported fuzzier goals of ‘brand engagement/loyalty’ and ‘needing to stay competitive’ as key reasons to go mobile.

“Most of the companies we talked to have responded to the growth in mobile with ad hoc development in a rush to get onto the platform,” said Stefan Tornquist, VP of Research for Econsultancy’s U.S. branch. Econsultancy is a digital marketing consulting firm.