showrooming, shopper marketing

You can embrace showrooming, here’s how

Many retailers are faced with an important choice these days, embrace showrooming or do all they can to stop it. According to an article on Retail Customer Experience, retailers are opting to embrace consumers’ use of emerging technologies in the path-to-purchase in the brick-and-mortar store.

showrooming, shopper marketing

From the article:

“Using digital signage, interactive kiosks and a consistent omnichannel approach, retailers can still win in the brick-and-mortar store, according to Scott McGillivray, chief strategy officer for retail and customer experience management solutions provider iQmetrix.

During a Digital Signage Expo educational seminar called “Embracing ‘Showrooming’ Through Interactive Retail” McGillivray provided a blueprint that he said will help minimize losses to showrooming and take advantage of survey data showing that 76 percent of shoppers’ preferred purchase channel is still in-store.

The key points, according to McGillivray, are simple:

1. Embrace omnichannel.

2. Bring the best of online shopping into the store.

3. Implement innovative in-store technologies.

4. Empower in-store personnel.”