decline of mobile payments, shopper marketing

Mobile Marketing’s Big Influence on Store Transactions

While mobile marketing has become more commonplace over the past few years, mobile payments have failed to grow as fast. A recent blog post by Gartner notes some findings from a recent survey they conducted that sheds some light on just why.

decline of mobile payments, shopper marketing

The respondents were asked to list the top uses for their smartphone for retail over a six month period and their top responses are as follows:

  1. Find store location;
  2. Check to see if the product is in stock;
  3. Check competitive prices before going to/and while in the store;
  4. Browse a retailer’s website;
  5. Check product reviews.

From the article:

“What is apparent each year this study is done is that paying for things using a mobile phone is actually pretty low on their priority list. Only 18% (ranked 15 out of 19 activities) indicated that they would use their mobile phones to conduct or make a payment in a physical store.

However, Digital marketers take note. These five activities they want to do on a smartphone before and after the transaction will significantly influence and lead to a transaction itself: the goal of marketing.

What our survey indicates to me is that retail store purchases can involve the mobile marketing in multiple decision making activities leading the consumer to a purchase even though the actual transaction step is not the priority.”