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What is the SAP Mobile App Partner Program?

RBM Technologies CEO Randy Greene sits down with host Christian Baader, VP of strategy & marcom platform ecosystems and echannels at SAP to discuss the SAP Mobile App Partner Program.

“For [RBM] it has been a very natural evolution as the business has changed.” said Greene on RBM’s partnership with SAP. “Strategic partners for us have been crucial, anyone that’s trying to find their way up the hill and grow their business in this day and age needs to find a good partner like SAP.”

You can watch the interview in its entirety below.

From the SAP website:

Many partners are looking for true end-to-end support for mobile application development, a collaborative developer community, and the opportunity to showcase and market solutions in an online app store. Hear from Christian Baader, VP at SAP, about the SAP Mobile App Partner program and how to take advantage of a $7.7 billion market opportunity – and reach over 200,000 SAP customers – by joining the SAP Mobile Apps Partner Program.