Walmart iPhone self-service checkout, denver, shopper marketing

Walmart Increases iPhone Self-Checkout to 40 Stores in Denver

Walmart’s “Scan & Go” app allows shoppers to scan items as they shop, when they are finished they simply checkout through their iPhone.

Walmart iPhone self-service checkout, denver, shopper marketing

According to an RIS News article, the initial pilot began at one store in September 2012 and has now expanded to 40 within the Denver area.

From the article:

“Mobile device-based payment solutions have proliferated in recent years, with players including PayPal, the ISIS mobile wallet that is backed by three major telecommunications companies and the Google Wallet. Some of the nation’s leading retailers, including Walmart, have also staked their claim in the mobile payments space with last year’s formation of the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), although no announcement of a specific MCX app technology has yet surfaced.

The Scan & Go app, however, is one of the few that combines product scanning and simple customer-directed interactions with a self-checkout POS device. One other is the QThru self-checkout app, which underwent a six-month pilot at a Seattle-area supermarket before Myers Group, which operates a dozen retail stores in the Pacific Northwest, expanded its use to other supermarkets and hardware stores the company operates in July 2012.”